The Bartender

So, I’ve had a rough start to the first of the year and a hard time wanting to write anything but I’ve always found humor helps me through rough times. I’m going to tell you the story about the Bartender. The guy I thought was pretty close to perfect except a few small things. Thinking back about this Bartender makes me laugh and I hope it will make you laugh too.

My friend and I planned a spur of the moment trip to the beach one weekend after “Two Faced” tried to break my heart once again. A friend once told me “the best way to get over one man was to get under another.” I didn’t get under Bartender but it did help me for a couple of months, even though he didn’t last that long. At the beach I had to go to one of my favorite restaurants which was walking distance from our hotel. If anyone knows me they know my all time favorite thing to do is eat!! Food is my favorite besides my dog!

We get to the restaurant and sit at the bar and I immediately recognize the bartender from 4 months ago. I found him attractive then and this time I had the best wing woman with me! My friend and I sat at that bar the whole night while I flirted with the bartender. We ended up exchanging numbers and the manager even asked my friend and I to come back for breakfast the next morning. Of course, we went back for breakfast because I also have a love for bloody Mary’s.

At breakfast the bartender waited on us and we stayed far longer than we planned to. The bartender comped our entire breakfast and then even gave us a ride back to the hotel. I felt so much better after having Two Faced break me down. When we got home, Bartender called me and we would talk on the phone during the week for hours. We ended up planning a date that week and met halfway between the beach and my work.

I was really excited to meet Bartender again and we had a great dinner. On my way home I was still somewhat excited but felt like there was something wrong.

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He continued to call me and we planned a second date. We met once again halfway but this time it was different. I arrived at the restaurant and Bartender kissed me as soon as he saw me. We sat down and after 5 minutes I was ready to go home. He did the weirdest things at dinner and I realized his voice was very, very high pitch. He also kept repeating the same phrase in his high pitch voice “done and done.” We left dinner and he kissed me outside of my car and that was the last straw for me. His breath was horrid. I got in my car and knew then I did not want to see Bartender again.

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Slowly I laid off the texting and calls with Bartender and he eventually went two weeks without talking to me. This is when I thought we were done talking and I wouldn’t hear from him again. Nope, he decided to text me and ask me about a trip he thought I was on and I got even more annoyed that he didn’t listen to what I had said. I know, it had been over two weeks since we had spoken but who reaches out to someone two weeks after not saying a word to them. I did finally tell Bartender I was no longer interested in him but of course would randomly get texts from him that I didn’t answer.

Bartender had a lot of other red flags that I didn’t mention but then he was also probably a rebound that didn’t last very long. I realized shortly after this that when I did go on dates with guys they usually never made it past the second date. Also, I know I’m picky but I also know what I bring to the table and know what I don’t want.

One of my friends would always ask me about my dates, who I was dating and would listen to my horrible dating stories. She was the sweetest, friendliest and light up any room she came into. I remember the day I told her about bartender and telling her when I no longer wanted to date him. We always had laughs about my dates and I’ll really miss telling her about them now. Now she can watch over me while I go on these dates and hopefully prevent me from the crazies!!

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