Making Friends Along the Way

When we go through a break up, we usually turn to our friends. They are the ones that are there to pick up all the pieces when you’ve been broken. Sometimes, we find friends in the most unlikely ways. In my years of dating, I have met many people and some of those people have become my amazing friends. I’ve found these friends through break ups, dating the same guy at the same time, ex-girlfriends and friends of new girlfriends.


More women today should support each other instead of hating them because of a guy. Usually, the root of every girl-drama steams from a guy. Ladies, never let that guy win over friends! Here are some ways you can support other women around you:

          Be open and honest

          Lean back and listen to what they have to say

          Support them

          Have girl time, go to brunch or happy hour

          Check in to see how they’re doing

          Invite them out with other friends

          Support women owned businesses

          Compliment each other

          Defend one another

My friends have picked me up when I was down and I am beyond thankful for them. When you find friends like these you hang on to them, not the guy that keeps breaking your heart.