Can you hear me now?

In my last blog I mentioned telling you all about when I was honest with guys and how it completely back fired on me. So, I will tell you about the most recent one. We will call him Verizon.

Verizon was another set up from a mutual friend. I swear my friends think I’m going to die alone or something. We started with texts then made plans for dinner. I liked that he picked the place even though when I browsed the menu beforehand I didn’t find anything I was crazy about on the menu. We had a great date but again he looked nothing like his pictures online. I also found out that he would be leaving in the Spring. We made plans to go out for brunch a few days after our first date. I arrived at the restaurant at the designated time and let Verizon know I was there. He ended up calling me and saying I didn’t know you would be there so soon. We had arranged a time and I met there at that exact time. So, I sat in my car for 20 minutes waiting for him to get to the restaurant. He pulled up and got out of his car and I watched him walk inside. I had already told him I was sitting in my car. By this time, I had this gut feeling that I was already over this guy and our date and didn’t want to be here. But, I still went because I can’t be that mean of a person…. yet.

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Inside, we sat at the bar and ordered some drinks and started our casual conversation. This is where Verizon earns his name. I was telling Verizon about my friend’s birthday I had been to the night before. I told him who was there and what we did. Right after I ended that sentence Verizon asked me “So, who all was there. How many people?” I looked at him confused and before I could stop myself said “Really?” He looked offended clearly. I told him I had literally just told him that and he still looked at my confused like I hadn’t said anything to him.

This was it. The line that disconnected me from Verizon. I no longer wanted to be with him anywhere or ever again. He asked me what I was doing that day and I told him I was helping a friend re-do her furniture. Again, he looked at me confused and stated basically I couldn’t possibly be able to do something like that. I told him we were antiquing her furniture and making it “Shabby Chic.” He then told me he didn’t know what that was and didn’t believe what I was saying so he proceeded to google it to prove me wrong. I told Verizon that my friend lived near where we were eating but we would be working on the furniture at her mom’s house which was down where I lived but further past me. When we left he tried to make plans for later that afternoon and I told him I would let him know but never confirmed any plans.

Later that afternoon, Verizon texted me asking how the renovations were going. I know I shouldn’t have gotten annoyed but I did because of our previous conversations at Brunch. I let him know they went well and I even had time to decorate my house for Christmas. This is when he got weird. He didn’t understand why I didn’t meet up with him after I left the city……. Because I was helping my friend an hour away from the city……. He then told me that he swore we made plans to meet at 4pm that day. We did not. Then he told me that I should have told him we were going to meet up because he waited around all day and stayed in instead of going out with his friends because of me.

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He was way beyond done here with me and this is when I had to be honest. I waited a day to do this hoping he would get the hint after being so rude.

When I was honest with Verizon that I no longer wanted to see him, it was a pleasure to meet him but I saw this going no where since he was leaving in the Spring, he thought we still had something and wanted to meet up and talk about it because it felt there was a connection and it would be a shame to give up so easily. I did not feel this connection. I felt no connection because he didn’t listen to a thing I said. This is when I had to be a little mean and tell him I felt no connection, we would not be meeting and it was nice to meet him. Thank goodness, he ended it there but this where I can see where people don’t want to be honest because they get put in weird situations like that.  intuition by Rocio Bacino

I’ve tried so much harder these last few years to be honest with guys but some of them don’t like the word no or don’t like being shut down. They will continue to try to talk to you even after you’ve told them you aren’t interested. They will ask for more explanations then I feel that we should give them. But I will still be honest because I know what it feels like when someone isn’t.


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