Be Happy!

Be Happy!

We live in a world accustomed to never being alone. We are always asked if we have a significant other, when we’re getting married or when will we have children. The world has taught us from a young age that we are supposed to have someone else to make us happy.  I was always looking for that someone. In that time, I found lots of guys that I thought would be that. But what I learned along the way was I needed to make myself happy.

yourselfOver my years of dating, I’ve learned to love myself, be happy with being alone and never depend on others for my happiness. It took many broken hearts to get this far, but I finally made it. I realized I wasn’t going to accomplish much if I sat around and waited for someone to do it with me. It takes a strong person to stand up, go against normalcy, and be independent. My motivation comes from finding lots of awesome quotes.

Here are a few:

Be happy with yourself and where you are at this stage in life. Keep learning and experiencing new things, even if it means you do it alone. Love yourself as much as the love you want to give away.

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