Do’s & Dont’s of Dating

When you get ready to go on a date you want to impress that person. Sometimes we do things that we think may impress them or may actually completely turn them away. It could be nerves or it could be the real person showing coming out. Here are a few of my dating do’s and dont’s that I’ve personally experienced.


  • Do always walk to the door or greet the person you’re picking up for a date
  • Do NOT honk the horn when you arrive at their house to have them come outside
  • Do plan a fun date that will allow you to talk to each other
  • Do NOT get so drunk on your date that she has to call her friends to come get you both
  • Do NOT go to a movie on your first date…. You can’t talk in the movies!
  • Do NOT invite your new date and old date to a “Fun Day” together
  • Do NOT insult your date the entire time you’re together
  • Do NOT try to change your dates point of view on religion on your first date
  • Do show interest in your date and what they’re talking about
  • DO NOT check out other girls while on your date
  • Do NOT point out how attractive other girls are while on your date
  • Do call or text your date the day before and the day of your date
  • Do NOT ghost your date then still assume your date is still on
  • Do listen to what your date is saying
  • Do NOT let awkward silence take over your date
  • Do NOT do all the talking on the date
  • DO ask your date questions about them so they can ask you those same questions back
  • Do NOT talk on your phone while your date waits patiently for you to finish… unless it’s an emergency
  • Do NOT talk about yourself the entire date
  • Do allow your date to talk to you
  • Do NOT talk about your ex-girlfriend for the whole date
  • Do NOT drive like you’re in NASCAR with your date in the car
  • Do listen to your date if they’re trying to give you directions and you do not know where you’re going
  • Do NOT reveal too much personal information about yourself on your first date
  • Do NOT start planning your future with your date on your first date
  • Do ask your date what they like and do not like before planning your first date
  • Do compliment your date
  • Do NOT show up for your date drunk
  • Do NOT show up for your date late… unless you have a really good excuse, like saving baby kittens
  • Do have manners and treat the wait staff or any other people you come in contact with nicely
  • Do NOT blow off your date twice and expect them to still go out with you
  • Do act nicely to your date so they will want to go on more dates
  • Do NOT wait three days to contact your date after your first date
  • Do reach out to your date if you’re interested
  • Do follow your gut
  • Do notice the red flags
  • Do be truthful to your date if you’re not interested in them

These are just a few of my personal pointers for dating. They’re not a rule book. But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would agree with some of these Do’s and Dont’s.

What are some of your Do’s and Dont’s on Dates?!




One thought on “Do’s & Dont’s of Dating”

  1. Hahaha I really like your dating checklist! It is definitely hard to find someone to be with I actually write about dates I’ve had cause some of them are pretty funny… Keep up the good work looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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