Solo Trip

I decided last year I wanted to go on a solo trip. A trip that I would be completely on my own, finding my way around a city that I had never been to before. The purpose of this trip was to help me feel independent. I absolutely loved this adventure and accomplished everything I set out to.

I chose this destination because I wanted to visit the largest aquarium in the United States. I have an obsession with sharks, and this aquarium happens to have whale sharks! Of course, my parents were terrified and I had so many people telling me not to go, friends trying to talk me out of it, they were trying to scare me out of going or even volunteer to come with me. I wanted to do something on my own and this was my chance.

During my time in Atlanta I proved that I could be independent and not rely on anyone by myself. I loved being able to do what I wanted and not have to ask someone else what they had in mind. I planned out my entire trip to help put my parents mind at ease but planning too much detail never works out.

Everything was mapped out from my plane departure, taxi ride, hotel check-in, restaurants, day plans by the hour and getting back on the plane to come home. The one thing I did not plan was meeting a smoking hot marine while eating dinner at a bar.

I felt like I traveled all over this city. I woke up early Saturday morning, got ready and started walking. My first stop was, of course, the aquarium. This place was AMAZING! I would go back a million times and just sit with the whale sharks for hours if I could. Next stop was the Coca Cola Museum, they are right next door to the aquarium. Then, got in my Uber and was off to Fernbank Museum because the there was a giant dinosaur exhibit.

While I was planning my trip, I researched other places to visit and found a lot of cool places! My premeditated day ended early, so I decided to wing it. During my unplanned afternoon I had my first lunch alone in a crowded restaurant. The bartender asked if I was alone, and told me how “ballsy” I was for being able to travel to a city I’d never been to and explore it. After my ballsy lunch, I went to Ponce City Market. It was amazing to walk around and I also got the chance to check out Krog Street Market that was right down the road.

I decided I needed dinner and a friend recommended this really cool restaurant that I had to try. I went to JCT Kitchen and Bar and it was awesome, minus the weird stares I got from people because I was eating alone. In walks this guy towards the end of my meal and he sits right next to me at the bar. He will be referred to as “Georgia”. The first thing I did was look at his shoes and think to myself well those aren’t very attractive. We ended up chatting and I ordered, only so I didn’t have to end the conversation. Georgia asked me to get dessert with him since we were both done with our meals and I’m pretty sure he wanted to keep talking to me! (Yes, I had two desserts!)

We walked to the ice cream place next to the restaurant. We still weren’t ready to go back to our hotels. There was a bar right across the street so we decided to go there and get a drink. He sat next to be at the bar, held my hand, rubbed leg, so clearly he was into me. It was finally time for us to leave so Georgia got us an Uber back to my hotel. I told Georgia there was no way he was coming back to my room because I didn’t want to be one of those “taken” girls and end up missing on my first solo trip. We sat in the lobby for a while and finally, he ended up leaving but we made plans to meet for breakfast the next morning.

The next morning, I woke up bright and early to get ready and look super-hot for my breakfast date. But Georgia texted me saying his flight was super early and had to cancel. I let him know that I enjoyed meeting him and good luck with his new job. I didn’t expect to hear from him after that.

Two days went by since I had gotten home from my awesome adventure and something about this guy stuck in my head. I ended up texting him later that day about possibly meeting for drinks since he was moving to a city nearby. This was a bad idea on my part. The text messages soon lost their words and became pictures. The words that did come with the pictures were not what I expected but I was having a good laugh. I learned very quickly about Georgia’s sexual history and what he liked and what he wanted. And what he wanted was something I did not want to do. This was the first time ever a guy had told me that he wanted me to give him a golden shower (pee on him). After that disturbing text I stopped responding, but I didn’t stop laughing!

Georgia was a one in a million. He was polite, sweet and a total gentleman when I met him. I learned that sometimes people have different interest than others. His interests did not coincide with mine, but that doesn’t mean he won’t find his match one day. I just wasn’t it. I also should have probably listened a little better to my parents about not talking to strangers.

If you have the ability to travel, do it! Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once. I met Georgia for a reason and I don’t regret a single moment!

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